Monday, April 5, 2010

The Unspoken Word - The Unspoken Word (1970)

Here comes the second album by this largely unknown group from Long Island, New York. After their outstanding debut that could be described as folk rock with a psychedelic edge, the 2nd record is definitively more rock/blues orientated. Nevertheless, this rare album contains eleven very enjoyable tracks with fine instrumentation and excellent lead vocals. (

The Unspoken Word are:

Zenya Stashuk: lead guitar, rhythm guitar & vocals
Dede Puma: vocals
Greg Buis: bass & vocals
Les Singer: drums
Angus MacMaster: keyboards


1. Pillow
2. Sleeping Prophet
3. Put Me Down
4. Personal Manager
5. Reincarnation
6. Sleepy Mountain Ecstasy
7. I Don't Need No Music
8. Little Song
9. Healthy, Wealthy & Wise
10. Around And Around
11. Morning

The Unspoken Word - The Unspoken Word (1970)

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