Saturday, April 19, 2008

The Boots - Smash! Boom! Bang! Beat In Germany - A 60's Anthology (2003)

This is part of Bear Family's Beat In Germany 1960 series.

1. Gloria
2. Dimples
3. But You'll Never Do It Babe
4. Walkin' In The Sand (Remember)
5. In The Midnight Hour
6. Watch Your Step
7. Another Tear Falls
8. Gaby
9. Jump, Back Baby
10. Mama Keep Your Big Mouth Shut
11. She's About A Mover
12. It Ain't Necessarely So
13. What You Gonna Do About It
14. Got Love If You Want It
15. Boogie Children
16. Enchanted Sea
17. Comin' Home
18. When I Loved Her
19. No Part Of It
20. It's A Man's Man's World
21. I Don't Want To Go On Without You
22. Alexander
23. Aber ich blieb kühl
24. One More Time
25. I Wish You Would
26. Spoonful (Crazy Enough For Me)
27. Wreck My Life
28. Gaby (demo-Karaoke version)

Smash...! Boom...! Bang...!

Sunday, April 13, 2008

V.A. - Realistic Patterns - Orchestrated Psychedelia From The USA (2008)

Orchestrated Psychedelia might seem to be something of a misnomer -- given the freak and fuzz usually associated with the psyche genre -- but the name is well-put here, since most of the tracks feature bigger musical backings! And although "orchestral" might be one way of describing the music, the sound isn't the sleepy sort you might associate with classical or dramatic soundtracks -- as most of the arrangements use the added instruments in ways that range from jazzy to driving to exotic, often with some wonderfully trippy touches. The set's one of our favorite so far from the Psychic Circle -- and once again, compiler Nick Saloman has come up with a whole new genre unto itself, by really shedding new light on a host of overlooked tunes. (


1. All Those Who Enter Here - Burned
2. Realistic Patterns - The Subterranean Monastery
3. Brother Lou's Love Colony
4. I Call Her Lady - Bubble
5. Her Sadness Primer - Compass
6. Popcorn Double Feature - Tim Wilde
7. I Had the Notion - The Sound Solution
8. Yesterday Girl - Mystic Astrologic Crystal Band
9. Snowqueen - The Byzantine Empire
10. Dying Daffodil Incident - A Handful
11. Jersey Thursday - Douglas Fir
12. Dominique Is Gone - Gregg Shively
13. Don'tcha Feel Like Cryin' - Nobody's Children
14. Hurry Up Sundown - The Balloon Farm
15. Lydia Purple - Dunn & McCashen
16. Small Town Commotion
17. Glory Train - Drake
18. Pedestals - The 31st Of February
19. Theme from Valley of the Dolls - Natty Bumpo
20. Mr. Tripp Wouldn't Listen - Little Boy Blues

Realistic Patterns: Orchestrated Psychedelia from the USA