Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Various Artists - Heavy Christmas (1971)

Just in time for Xmas! Rare early '70s Brain release in official fold out CD digi-pak form, featuring bands playing Christmas related material. Don't let this put you off. This is a collection of mind blowing acid rock and progressive mayhem. Features Irus, Dies Irae, Joy Unlimited and more! Fantastic festive stoners.... WOW (an office favourite)! [the Freak Emporium]

1. libido - evolution
2. marcel - god rest ye mary gentlemen
3. joy unlimited - All heaven and all earth are silent
4. virus - mary meets tarzan
5. Dies Irae - silen night
6. libido - come on everybody
7. Ardo dombec - heavenly rose
8. Dies Irae - shepard's song
9. Ardo dombec - open the door, open your mind
10. virus - x-mas submarine
11. flute & voice - Ecce Navicule
12. libido - come on everybody - special radio version

Bitrate 256


Thursday, December 14, 2006

Influence - Influence (1968)

Formed as a quartet in late 1966, this act have an interesting and almost global pedigree. English-born singer Andrew Keiler moved firstly to South Africa in 1964 and together with Irish-born guitarist Louis Campbell McKelvey played in the Johannesburg R&B outfit The Upsetters. McKelvey left this act in late '65, to join The A-Cads, although he was too late to appear on their album, despite being pictured on the sleeve. Andrew Keiler too left The Upsetters, recording a solo album in late 1965 before moving to Montreal in late 1966, along with McKelvey and fellow A-cad, Hank Squires.
In Canada, Squires moved into production working with The Haunted, amongst others, and McKelvey briefly played with Les Sinners and Our Generation before reuniting with Keiler in Influence. Czech-born bass player Geisinger came in from the Soul Mates and English-born drummer Dave Wynne was recruited from The Haunted.
To complete the line-up, two other former Soul Mates, Rossi and Island joined after playing on a Wilson Pickett tour in June 1967. The band then relocated to the US...
David Wynne recalls:- "We played Montreal in the Spring of '67, then went to Toronto Village and played one of the clubs there until September when we went to New York and cut the album with ABC. McKelvey was involved in production. Afterwards we were offered another deal by Columbia which was turned down by the band, and at that point I left and went back to Canada and school. You were right about the album, but it may have had a little impact. Our publicist at ABC was dating Peter Townshend and reportedly he liked the opera idea. As musicians and artists the Influence really outclassed anything else around - Walter Rossi as I said was a superb guitarist. You should have heard us live..."
"The entire band except me had done hard time with mature audiences. Not many Canadian musicians had had the experience of recording in or touring the U.S. as Wally, Jack and Bobo had with Wilson Pickett. They were also all seasoned musicians. (I heard, from Buddy Miles I think, that Steve Cropper had said he thought Wally the better guitarist). It was also innovative, and had confidence that it was cutting edge and could compete on any stage. Toronto Village in Summer 1967 was great - lots of talent and a real buzz. The imbalance in the band was that we had two front men, Bobo and Andy, and while it was never pushed I think after I left that it became an issue - I bridged both sides and may have helped keep some of it together. At the time there seemed enough room for everyone, but it was really an amalgam of two bands in one - the Wally, Jack, Bobo and Louis and Andy. Yum Yum who replaced me was definitely associated with the former group. I had started the band with Louis, but felt much more at home musically with Wally, Jack and Bobo. I was not a fan of British drummers (Baker, Moon) but American black funk and jazz drummers. I think I mentioned the time at the Barrel, where watching and talking to Rashid Ali (Coltrane's second drummer with Elvin Jones) and hearing new wave drumming was a priceless clinic..."
Their album makes it easy to understand why they chose their name, as it is more or less a hodgepodge of styles without much consistency. Many satirical elements betray the strong influence of Zappa, on whom they clearly lean too heavily. Nevertheless their love of discordant riffs and 'wrong' modulations works brilliantly on at least two tracks: We Are Here, a sour masterpiece on lost love and Natural Impulse. Lyrically Zappa is omnipresent as becomes hearable in the choice of admittedly transitional subject-matter such as sodomy (on County Fair) and the longing of the gentry to mingle with the peasants (on Sir Archibald). Parodies on The Marcels, Little Richard and the hippie-movement in general sound dated, although they probably were modern in 1968. Worth trying, but don't pay too much.
After Influence broke up, McKelvey and Geisinger played in the Canadian band Milkwood. Geisinger later left Milkwood for Luke and The Apostles. Rossi meanwhile, played with The Buddy Miles Express briefly before joining Geisinger in Luke and The Apostles.
Walter Rossi later played with Charlee, Moonquake and Bombers. Jack Geisinger also later played with Moonquake, Rockers and Crescent Street Singers. Bob Parkin committed suicide in 1970.
Walter Rossi is also rumoured to have played on an album by Thee Muffins in 1966.
(Nick Warburton/Marcel Koopman/Vernon Joynson/Tertius Louw)


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Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Butch Engle & The Styx - No Matter What You Say (1967)

Garage rock and some nice flower psychedelia (with the usual ingredients of farfisa organ and loads of fuzz guitar) from the very early hippiedays by this widely unknown Californian band. Most of the songs were written by Ron Elliott of the BEAU BRUMMELS, but the band doesn´t sound "folky".


1 Hey, I´m Lost 2:32
2 Left Hand Girl 2:27
3 No Matter What You Say 2:46
4 Smile Smile Smile 1:52
5 I´m A Fool 2:35
6 I Call Her Name 2:45
7 She Is Love 2:14
8 Going Home 2:07
9 I Like Her 1:56
10 Hey, Im Lost (different version) 2:31
11 Puppetmaster 3:48
12 If You Believe 2:27
13 Tell Me Please 2:07
14 You Know All I Want 1:56

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No Matter What You Say

Monday, December 11, 2006

Damin Eih, A.l.k & Brother Clark - Never Mind (1973)

Review by Unicorn:

Who are Damin Eih, A.l.k and Brother Clark you may ask yourself and so do i. Hardly anything is known about these lads, but their only LP, a private pressing from 1973 is something you should not miss.Mostly acoustic and gentle, but highly trippy and mystic this is the real collector´s stuff. I really love this record and i am sure you will too...so download, "Take Off Your Eyes" and fly.More information welcome!
(Note: the tracks on the LP go into one another, so the parted tracks often don´t have a clearly defined beginning or end. This effect will disappear if you hear it as a whole)

1 Tourniquet 2:17
2 Sing A Different Song 4:17
3 Take Off Your Eyes 5:40
4 Soft Margins 4:45
5 Thundermice 3:52
6 Monday Morning Prayer 0:38
7 Gone 4:40
8 Marching Together 3:36
9 Kathryn At Night 3:391
0 Party Hats & Olive Spats 3:24
11 Return Naked 1:57

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Saturday, December 9, 2006

Will-O-The Wisp - Ceremony Of Innocence (2002)

3rd full length by this progressive psych-rock band from Greece is their masterpiece. Ceremony of innocence creates dreamy atmospheres with male and female vocals, swirling organ, strong electric guitar leads and floating flute parts.(from : psychedelic music net)
Combining dreamy atmospheres, sublime male and female vocals, swirling organs, sweeping guitars and lush flute arrangements as well as being beautifully packaged in a deluxe triple fold-out book-like CD Box, this is an awesome record with only 1000 copies pressed. (from : freakemporium)

Tracklist :

1 Smoke Supended In The Still Air 5:05
2 The Rabbit Under The Teardrop´s Shade 3:32
3 Shadows Of Daylight 4:31
4 The Reaper´s Paper Boat 4:28
5 Hew A Dream In The Twilight 5:33
6 Haze Secrets 5:01
7 A William Blake´s Song 3:59
8 Fairies Waltz 4:29


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Friday, December 8, 2006

Creme and Godley - Consequences (1977)

Review by Unicorn:

The first record Creme and Godley released after their departure from 10cc is a monumental, ambitious work that lasts nearly 2 hours - and it is one of my favourite records of all time. It was published 1977 in an expensive 3LP-box, probably too expensive for a number of possible buyers. I still remember it being the most expensive record i ever bought. 1991 followed a double-CD edition limited to 3000 worldwide. It was impossible to get it in a normal record shop, at last i found a used copy in a specialty shop in a foreign country and again i had to pay a real nice sum for it. With a price policy like that it is no wonder that the record always was quite rare, which is a pity because it is so wonderful.At the beginning and the end there are 2 very long instrumental parts. The first with extensive use of the gizmo, a device the two had invented to change sounds of electric guitar, from which they thought it would revolutionize the rockmusic world. But as far as i know nobody else except them ever used this thing. The second at the end "Blint´s Tune" is a parody of a classic symphony knitted together from stolen musical themes from beginning to end. Inbetween you find an audioplay with interwoven musical snippets. The story deals about Mr. Blint, a mad musician in a wheelchair who is the only person being able to save the world from going down with his music based on his weird theories (but "Blint´s Tune" reveals that it is nothing but rubbish).The whole thing is very intelligent and extremely funny from beginnig to end, the music is better than everything from them that followed on later albums. My favourite is "Sailor", a tune that impresses with it´s simplicity.This is a masterpiece that should have a place in the top ten rock records of all time!

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Consequences - Limited Edition

Wednesday, December 6, 2006

Virgin's Dream - The X-Tapes (1971) (Krautrock rarity - only 300 pressed)

Review by Unicorn:

Here is an ultra-rare record from a german band that sounds very different from the kraut fraction or the symphonic proggers. In their time the Virgins had cult-status in Western Germany because of their incredibly energetic live performances, nowadays they are totally forgotten, mainly due to the fact that they never released an official record (the band split up at the beginning of 1972 - just at the time when a first LP by a major record company was in planning). Everything from them that survived were some demo recordings (mostly live) that i had saved for about 30 years on a cassette-tape. Even Rolf Trenkler, former bandleader and songwriter, did not possess a single recording of his youth sins. In 1999 i gave the tape to him and he overworked and denoised it as good as it was possible. From the result a private pressing of 300 CD´s was made as a giveaway to friends; it was never sold officially. The music is quite unique, i couldn´t name another band that sounds like them. There are melodious songparts reminiscent of the wonderful UK band "Cressida" changing with very energetic and driving parts a bit in the style of early "Soft Machine" and Mr.Trenkler´s guitarplaying reminds me a lot of John Cippolina from "Quicksilver Messenger Service". Overall the music could best be described as acid-psych of complex nature, with lots of sudden tempo and rhythm changes. The sound quality still is quite limited, nevertheless the record is a real collector´s item. If you are into sixties "Underground" stuff, don´t miss it. This is another "Garden of Delights" exclusive, you won´t find it elsewhere.

Tracklist :

1 Wake Up 1:21
2 Evening Star 3:21
3 Der Blaue Kapuzinermönch 17:19
4 Rainy day In June 9:20
5 The Well 11:34
6 El Dorado 3:44
7 The Galant Knight 3:34
8 I Am One Of Those 4:52

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Monday, December 4, 2006

Victoria - Victoria (1971)

Local New Jersey demo-release (200 made in 1971) from Victoria, a band and album beyond rare, fantastic, conceptual psych-beauty. Sometimes dreamy, sometimes totally wild underground-psych, this release features female vocals, titanic horns and distorted guitars. Sweet tunes turn into dark psych-power. Totally stoned. This amazing album was first released on the Seven Little Indians label (before it became Shadoks Music) eight or nine years ago as a limited-edition with a red velvet cover and golden engraved artwork. A 500-copy limited-edition CD, also in red velvet, was sold out in a few months. Besides Jungle, this album is a famous Little Indian release. If you like Moby Grape you should check this one out. The album has remained unreleased until a few years ago.TOTALLY STONED! -forcedexposure.com-
Brand new CD reissue of this very obscure (200 made, only 5-6 copies known to be in the hands of collectors) New Jersey demo recording (1969-71) from three guys and one girl intent on surfing the same kind of electronically enhanced harmony waves generated by United States Of America, C.A. Quintet, even early Velvets. Beautifully baked atmosphere here - on first listen Alex described it as almost doo-wop in its lunar/swoon quotient - that compares with early Paisley Underground moves from Opal and Rainy Day crossed with wild, testifying brass, high arcs of unison vox ala Jefferson Airplane and blats of black fuzz. Recommended. -volcanictongue.com-
ALBUMS: 1(A) VICTORIA (No label) 1971 R5 2(A) KINGS, QUEENS & JOKERS (No label) 197? R5
NB: (1) was a demo album issued in a plain white jacket. (2) is an alternate pressing of (1), with the title shown rubber-stamped on the front of the sleeve. (2) contains fewer tracks than (1). (1) reissued in Germany (Little Indians #7) 1997, in a red velveteen jacket with gold foil embossed print, and on CD by the same label with several previously unreleased bonus tracks.
Rare local New Jersey private press, with an "odd" sound created by this largely female group and featuring horns prominently on several tracks. Two hundred copies of the album were pressed in 1971, and Ruban distributed a quantity of them through Europe while on a motorcycle trip in the early seventies.
Victoria may be connected in some manner to Dirty Martha.
One track, Ride A Rainbow has also resurfaced on Love, Peace And Poetry, Vol. 1 (LP & CD).
(Clark Faville / Max Waller)