Monday, December 11, 2006

Damin Eih, A.l.k & Brother Clark - Never Mind (1973)

Review by Unicorn:

Who are Damin Eih, A.l.k and Brother Clark you may ask yourself and so do i. Hardly anything is known about these lads, but their only LP, a private pressing from 1973 is something you should not miss.Mostly acoustic and gentle, but highly trippy and mystic this is the real collector´s stuff. I really love this record and i am sure you will download, "Take Off Your Eyes" and fly.More information welcome!
(Note: the tracks on the LP go into one another, so the parted tracks often don´t have a clearly defined beginning or end. This effect will disappear if you hear it as a whole)

1 Tourniquet 2:17
2 Sing A Different Song 4:17
3 Take Off Your Eyes 5:40
4 Soft Margins 4:45
5 Thundermice 3:52
6 Monday Morning Prayer 0:38
7 Gone 4:40
8 Marching Together 3:36
9 Kathryn At Night 3:391
0 Party Hats & Olive Spats 3:24
11 Return Naked 1:57

Music kindly submitted by Unicorn. Special thanks!

Looking for a better copy (256/320) - Thanks!

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