Friday, October 20, 2006

Susan Christie - Paint A Lady (1970 )

Previously unreleased Psychedelic Folk album from 1970 by Susan Christie, a Philly based sophomore folk singer who had one novelty hit for a major label in the late '60s. This album, which featured her psychedelic take on Country standards and hand crafted tales of inner-city solitude backed by a Folk-Funk rhythm section, was not considered commercially viable and shelved...until now! Uber-legend John Hill produced the album which features 8 tracks including a 12 minute 'drugsploitation' epic called 'Yesterday - Where's My Mind' featuring Susan flipping vocal styles between Janis Joplin and Margo Guryan. Finders Keepers. 2006.

1. Rainy Day
2. Paint a Lady
3. For the Love of a Soldier
4. Ghost Riders in the Sky
5. Yesterday Where's My Mind
6. Echo in My Mind
7. When Love Comes
8. No One Can Hear You Cry

Paint a Lady [UK-Import]

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