Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Subway - Subway (1972)

A beautiful and very rare album from the annals of European psychedelic/folk/prog circa 1972. Subway were a half American, half British duo, living in France, who released 200 copies of this, their self titled album, on vinyl, and promptly disappeared without trace. Their sole 'gigging' consisted of busking in Paris subways- hence the band's name- and to add to the legend, it seems that most of the unsold copies were melted, which was usual French practice!! The music itself is dark, psychedelically inclined folk with elements of freeform prog: somewhere betwixt Comus and the West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band, but with less instruments.

Liner Notes:

Subway: It is not a group. It is a duo. It is not an ordinary duo. Composed of IRV, the guitarist, singer and author-composer - he is American; of MALCOLM, violinist - he is English.
IRV arrives in England where he meets MALCOM and they start working together. Sometimes later, they decide to try to break in France. But it is not so easy. They have no more money and sing in the underground to earn their living. Their music is surprising and very personal. All the titles included in this album are IRV's compositions.


1. I Am A Child
2. Song For Sinking Shelters
3. Warm You Are
4. All The Good Things
5. Enturbulaton - Free Form
6. Arizona Sands
7. Rosanna Of The Roses
8.Can I Trade With You My Mind

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